I’m thinking about Koha. I’m contemplating the idea of being completely out of my depth in my undertakings. I’m thinking about perseverance. I’m thinking I’m thankful that IR Fest provided hot water and teabags alongside their pre-brewed tea. But mostly, I’m thinking I’m out of my depth. What’s weirder? I’m excited by it. I have 101 ideas and nearly as many projects. All with no sense of giving up in a hurry. I want to do it all. Research all my ideas. Apply for all my dream jobs.  Print all my studies. It’s impossible, but as I sip my rapidly waning cup of tea (and mourn the pitiful size of the coffee cups provided) I contemplate all my ideas. Contemplate what may get dropped when interest laxes or time simply becomes too tight.  Contemplate what I’ll likely cling to with bleeding and weary fingers. So I contemplate Koha. How I will download it onto my laptop. How I will teach another to do so.  How I will teach this person halfway around the world to build a library.

How? How? How?

I only have one answer so far.  But its the most important one.  Perseverance. Perseverance, determination, and tea. The rest will come…likely with my next cup of tea. But until then, I contemplate Uganda.

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