Job applications are done!

Well, they are complete for now. The are an inevitability in life, like death and taxes. Either way, they are off my to-do list for the present, which means back to my Python coding. I’ve been really enjoying learning how to code, but I am still worrying that learning the fundamentals will not be enough to help me understand how to build the kind of code I need for my dissertation. Though there is little I can do about that until I get the learning part over and done with. Then it’s another item off my to-do list. But first, tea!

…okay that was supposed to be the end but OWWWWW!!! I do not recommend chilli seaweed for breakfast or prior to your tea. Tis painful on the taste buds. It’s my own fault though. My roommate is a supreme cook and I love when she leaves us leftovers. Always spicy, but always amazing Chinese cooking. I would love to have the time to learn how to make proper Chinese cuisine, but for now, I’ll just continue enjoying her leftovers.  My dissertation is more important after all.


I have had the best morning!

I seem to be continuing my trend of ‘out of character early rises’, but today I had a valid excuse. IT’S FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!!!!!

Ever since I first heard about Free Comic Book Day 6 years ago, I’ve never been able to attend. I’ve always been at work (or last year I was on a long-haul flight to Florida, so I’m hardly going to complain about that), but today is finally my day! Up at 6am, out at 7am, in Starbucks by 7.30am and the onto the queue! I officially have enough graphic reading material to last me about a year. It’s amazing and I cannot wait to dive in head first.

Okay, I have that out my system now. No…wait…EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I’m good now.

Also, I had a really important interview yesterday. I’ve been bouncing in anticipation ever since. I want this internship so badly. Even though I know it means I’ll be working double time on my dissertation, probably not sleeping (ha! Okay sleeping less at least), and I might even get to spend my partners birthday with him in one of my favourite cities. It’s just so exciting. My life is so oddly exciting right now. I have no idea what’s going to happen, but I’m so happy, I’m grabbing onto every chance that comes my way and working like crazy to get it. It’s exhausting! I think I’m running mostly on tea and adrenaline, among other things.

This is such an amazing chapter in my life. It feels…exciting. I can’t stop using that word. I’m excited. Thrilled. Provoked. Piqued. Stimulated. Take your pick. I think I’m all of them. All at once.

…or maybe i’ve just had too much tea. *shrugs* Who cares!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!


“Good evening traveller.
Welcome to the Penumbra,
the grandest hotel this side of Nowhere.”

Today I’m thinking about The Penumbra Podcast. I should be thinking about my job application, finishing these Python coding lessons, beginning research for my chapter proposal on Linked Data in social media. But nope, I’m thinking about podcasts. This podcast. It’s an addiction.

It’s admittedly not so bad. I’m filling in job applications, which is relatively brainless work (well up until you hit the personal statement sections, then it’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen), so I can afford to be listening to wonderful stories. I love old radio dramas and these really take the cake (hey! gimme back my cake, I’m starved!)

I first got into podcasts through Welcome to Night Vale. I still think the best description of it I’ve ever come across was a tumblr post which compared the podcast to if Stephen King and Neil Gaiman made a Sims town and just left it to its own devices. It was (and in many ways still is) some of my favourite story-telling. Creative, complex, original and just downright odd.

Next I got into The Thrilling Adventure Hour. I had really gotten into the old radio drama style. I loved the fun short story telling (perfect for my walk to work/campus) and I always found them so incredibly immersive. My favourite among Thrilling Adventure Hour is still Beyond Belief. It’s just so fun! A wonderfully in love married couple of elite New York drunks who just keep getting into shenanigans because they happen to be psychic. It’s hilarious.

And then I discovered the Penumbra. The grandest in inclusive, creative, immersive radio drama pods. I love it! Bisexual private detectives on Mars, a kick-ass and witty crippled knight, one fantastic gender-queer bandit and Peter. I’m only halfway through and I’m counting the minutes until Peter is back.

This podcast is the literal interpretation of the Thomas Sanders Vine: “Okay, but can we make it gay?” Then again, so am I. It’s a match made in heaven.

But enough of my waxing lyrical about podcasts. I should really be doing these job applications. And getting back to the Penumbra. * dons headphones*

Also, for those who have no idea what my rambling is about, I gift you these links. I am all about the linked data after all.

The Penumbra Podcast: (iTunes) (Google Play)
Welcome to Night Vale: (iTunes) (YouTube)
The Thrilling Adventure Hour: (iTunes) (YouTube)