The radiation storms in Far Harbor are mesmerising. In fact, I’m minorly obsessed with the fog mechanics of the entire DLC. Before, the fog just sort of existed, but this DLC had the fog moving and being active around the harbour town of Far Harbour (or maybe Far Harbour is the entire island. I haven’t figured that one out yet). Either way, I’m hooked already.

I originally treated myself to the season pass because I was really after the settlement items (yes my one-woman mission/obsession to rebuilt the Commonwealth continues). But I’m finally taking the opportunity to dive into the narrative side of it. And about time too. Usually, the narrative is what I’m all about. Which is a statement that goes into all video games I play. I am never interested in pure fighting games, they have to be engrossing and immersive stories. Which is probably why my highest ranking video games so far are the Fallout series, the Bioshock series and the Batman: Arkham Trilogy (Origins was a prequel, I’m sticking with trilogy!)

For now though, I’m sticking with Fallout, because I’m far from finished obsessing over visuals.