Once upon a time, this blue-haired, metadata voyager took part in a metadata conference. Amongst her enthusiastic peers, she learned of a writer who kept a blog recording her thoughts every time she had a cup of tea. As a fellow tea addict, with a 6-7 cup a day problem, the idea seems enthralling. This voyager sought high and low for the blog, but upon finding it discovered it was not quite as advertised. However, rather than being downcast, the voyager sought to make her dream a reality, and thus, Tea Stains and Notes in Margins was born. 

Welcome travellers to the inner ramblings of my caffeine-addled brain. Here you will find the diary-style ponderings of Mamph, the Scottish Library Science Masters student, and aspiring cataloguer.

The premise is simple. Every time I make a cup of tea, I record my thoughts (whatever that jumbled mess may be). I always find my tea time is my pondering time and after several failed attempts to keep a journal and my longstanding writing-aspirations, this seemed the perfect fit. And a way to get the many notes scrawled in the margins of my Moleskine out into the world.

Alongside this, there will be general reflections on life, liberty, and my pursuit to 100% complete Fallout 4 (an endeavour which has currently been side-tracked by my obsession with building settlements). As an English & Film graduate, my passions for literature and film are vast and outspoken, so whether you seek book and movie insights, poetic ramblings about my library career, my obsessive partnership with my camera or my completionist angst regarding video games, everything will be tagged for your ease and navigation.

I am always open to comments, questions, or just general conversation, so please feel free to contact me.

Stay travellers.

For anyone who may be interested, the original blog which inspired this idea can be found here.